Former Visiting&Undergrads



  Graduated/Visited in 2020/2021:  
Visiting Scholar: Undergraduate Student: Undergraduate Student:

Chih-Jung Chen

Daniel Kim

Atilla Veyssal

Chih-Jung worked on solar energy conversion to chemical fuels. Daniel worked on the nanoproteomics project. Atilla is a double majored in materials science & engineering and chemistry. He worked on the solar flow battery project with Wenjie.
  Undergraduate Student:  

Andrew DeRuiter

  Andrew worked with Nitish on the skyrmions project.  
  Graduated/Visited in 2019:  
  Visiting Scholar:  


Jinzhen Huang


  Jinzhen's research focused on developing nanocomposites for electrocatalytic reactions.  
Visiting Graduate Student: Visiting Scholar: Visiting Scholar:

Huawei Liu

Tianqi Guo

Yuliang Yuan

Huawei worked on 2D transition metal dichalcogenides. Tianqi worked on electrocatalysis. Yuliang worked on electrochemical energy storage and electrochemical catalysis.
Visiting Graduate Student: Visiting Graduate Student: Visiting Scholar:

Ming-Yu Kuo

Jing Li

Fengmei Wang

Ming-Yu focuses on perovskite project. Jing cooperates with Wright group on the perovskite spectral study. My major research interests include synthesis and development of novel 2D materials, such as transition metal chalcogenides, meal phosphorous trichalcogenides, etc., for electrocatalysis or photocatalysis.
 Graduated / visited in 2018:    
Visiting Graduate Student:   Visiting Scholar:

Liang Cai

Xiaotong Han

Ying Yang

 Liang focused on synthesis and application of layered metal dichalcogenides beyond 2D Xiaotong focused on two-dimensional transition metal hydroxides and their derivatives for electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction. Ying worked on the eletrochemical synthesis of thin film materials for solar energy conversion and storage.

Meiying Leng

Meiying focused on lead-free perovskite nanomaterials for optical applications.    

Kunal Dani

Richard Costello

Kunal worked on the bionanotechnology project. Richard worked with Lianna on Electrocatalysis.  
- Graduated / visited in 2017:    
  Visiting Graduate Student:  

Yifan Dong

Jie Chen

Yang Yang

Yifan worked on molten salt electrodeposition of battery materials Jie worked perovskite. Yang worked on electrocatalytic water splitting for oxygen production.
  Visiting Scholars  

Poulomi Roy

Bo Song

Poulomi is focused on synthesizing nanostructured and single crystal materials and their applications in energy field – energy conversion to energy storage. Bo focused on the growth of nanostructures by the screw dislocation.  
  Undergraduate Students  

Yi (Johnny) Zhang

Yi worked with Melinda on synthesis of Metal Dichalcogenide nanostructures    
- Graduated / visited in 2016:    
  Undergraduate Students  

Mickey Stone

Jianyuan (Jackie) Zhai

Mickey worked on pyrite structured CoS2 for HER Jackie worked with Qi on amorphous MoSe1-xClx for HER, and with Yongping on perovskite solar cells.
  Visiting Scholars  

Xiaohua Yang

Jun Dai

Xuaohua worked on ORR catalysis Jun worked on spectroscopic properties of perovskite  
- Graduated / visited in 2015:    
  Undergraduate Students  

Tyler Slade

Tyler worked on molten salt synthesis of silicides    
  Visiting Scholars  

Junqiao Zhuo

Junqiao worked on MX2 compounds for HER photocatalysis.    
- Graduated / visited in 2014:    
  Undergraduate Students  

Hong-En Chen

Rafal Dziedzic

Hong-En project dealt with pyrite related compounds. Rafal worked on solar related applications.  

Andrew Daniels

Praveen Sankrithi

Andy synthesized MoS2-like compounds for photocatalysis Praveen focused on pyrite-related compounds   
  Visiting Scholars  

Xingwang Zhang

Qun Wang

Prof. Xingwang worked on metal chalcogenides synthesis. Prof. Qun studied thermoelectric materials.  

Hanfeng Liang

Dewei Ma

Hanfeng is exploring ternary metal oxides for their potential application in solar energy Dewei is working on nanomaterials synthesis and devices for numerous applications.  

Diwen Ying

Diwen is working on nanomaterials for photocatalytic waste water treatment and water splitting.    
  Undergraduate students  
Cade Federspill (1 semester)    
Cade worked with Leekyoung on the bionanotechnology project.    
- Graduated / visited in 2013:    

Zachary Degregorio (2 years)

Zach is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Minnesota.    

Seth Berger

- Graduated / visited in 2012:    

Felix Alfonso (REU)

Sanghun Shin

Kit Shawn Chew (1 year)






- Graduated / visited in 2011:    

Matt O'Brien (4 years)

Ding Ruihua (3 years)

Rob Johns (REU)

Matt is currently a PhD student at Northwestern. Ding is now a PhD student at Harvard. Rob is about to start at Berkeley!


Prior to 2010

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