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The Jin group participates in the 2016 Wisconsin Science Festival with our "Rockemon Go". 

The group headed out to Potawatomi State Park for the annual group camping trip!

Congratulations Fei! Best of luck in California!

Jin group camping trip at Buckhorn State Park.

Congratulations Dr. Fei Meng and Dr. Matt Faber!

Back row: Hanfeng Liang (visiting grad student), Nick Kaiser, Matt Faber, Lichen Xiu

Second row: Linsen Li, Leith Samad, Rafal Dziedzic (undergrad), Steven Girard (postdoc)

Third row: Prof. Song Jin, Melinda Shearer, Audrey Forticaux, Dong Liang (postdoc), Dewei Ma (visiting scholar)

Forth row: Miguel Caban, Yongping Fu, Ankit Pokhrel, Fei Meng, Matt Stolt

Front row: Leekyoung Hwang (postdoc), Hong-En Chen (undergrad), Qi Ding, Kyle Czech

We also gave our respects to Abraham Lincoln on Bascom Hill! On Wisconsin!

Back row: Song Jin (PI), Hanfeng Liang (visiting student), Matt Faber, Steven Girard (postdoc), Nick Kaiser, Dong Liang (postdoc), Xingwang Zhang (visiting scholar), Lichen Xiu, Tyler Slade (undergrad), Miguel Caban;

Middle row: Andrew Daniel (undergrad), Matt Stolt, Fei Meng, Qun Wang (visiting scholar), Melinda Shearer, Rafal Dziedzic (undergrad);

Front row: Yongping Fu, Kyle Czech, Ankit Pokhrel, Audrey Forticaux, Qi Ding, Leekyoung Hwang (postdoc).

Congratulations Jack! Best of luck in Pennsylvania at the Advanced Research Systems, Inc.

Jin group camping trip at Wyalusing State Park.

Back row: Kyle Czech, Qi Ding, Jack DeGrave, Matt Faber, Miguel Caban, Rafal Dziedzic (undergrad), Leekyoung Hwang (postdoc), Yue Qiu (prospective), Xingwang Zhang (visiting scholar), Song Jin.

Front row: Andy Daniel (undergrad), Ankit Pohkrel, Linsen Li, Nick Kaiser, Audrey Forticaux, Fei Meng, Dong Liang (postdoc), Qun Wang (visiting scholar), Hanson Jin (Song's kid), Lichen Xiu, Harry Jin (Song's kid), Ryan (Song's nephew).

Fei won the Charles and Martha Casey Materials Excellence Research award! Congratulations!

Front row (L to R): Qun Wang (visiting scholar), Zach Degregorio (undergrad), Andrew Daniels (undergrad), Rafal Dziedzic (undergrad), Xingwang Zhang (visiting scholar);

2nd row (L to R): Kyle Czech, Leekyoung Hwang (postdoc), Qi Ding, Audrey Forticaux, Ankit Pokhrel, Jack Degrave;

3rd row (L to R): Steven Girard (postdoc), Kwangsuk Park (postdoc), Leith Samad, Salih Hacialioglu, Marc Estruga (postdoc), Fei Meng, Miguel Caban, Dong Liang (postdoc),

Back row (L to R): Song Jin, Linsen Li, Nick Kaiser, Matt Faber, Mark Lukowski, Lichen Xiu.

Steven plays cello, Audrey is singing while Fei plays guitar with their friends Utkan and Caglar, Leith and Audrey are great dancers with other members of the chemistry department!

Front row (L to R): Zach Degregorio (undergrad), Steven Girard (postdoc), Mark Lukowski, Jack Degrave, Linsen Li, Nick Kaiser, Rachel Selinksy, Song Jin;

Back row (L to R): Sanghun Shin (undergrad), Matt Faber, Audrey Forticaux, Kwangsuk Park (postdoc), Fei Meng, Qi Ding, Marc Estruga (postdoc), Ankit Pokhrel, Salih Hacialioglu, Miguel Caban, Dong Liang (postdoc), Leith Samad, Ryan Franking (postdoc), Leekyoung Hwang (postdoc).

Potawatomi State Park

Front row (L to R): Leith Samad, Rafal Dziedzic(undergrad), Steven Girard (postdoc), Miguel Caban;

Girl row (L to R): Ankit Pokhrel, Qi Ding, Audrey Forticaux, Rachel Selinksy;

Next row (L to R): Zach Degregorio (undergrad), Song Jin, Mark Lukowski, Dong Liang (postdoc), Ryan Franking (postdoc), Salih Hacialioglu, Kwangsuk Park (postdoc), Marc Estruga (postdoc);

Back row (L to R): Matt Faber, Jack Degrave, Linsen Li, Fei Meng, Nick Kaiser.

Council Ground State Park

Front row (L to R): Penny Carmichael (visiting), Chris Sichmeller, Jeannine Szczech, Fei Meng
Second row (L to R): Rachel Selinsky, Mark Lukowski, Jack DeGrave, Miguel Caban, Ruihua Ding (undergrad)
Third row (L to R): Chad Dooley (postdoc), Jeremy Higgins, Steve Morin, Matthew Faber, Prof. Song Jin


Jin Group 2009

Front row (L to R): Rachel Selinsky, Chris Sichmeller, Elvin Morales
Second row (L to R): Jack DeGrave, Jeannine Szczech, Song Jin, Julien Yang
Third row (L to R): Mark Lukowski, Chad Dooley, Matt Bierman, Jeremy Higgins
Back row (L to R): Andy Schmitt, Steve Morin

Front row (L to R): Albert Lau, Matt Bierman, Jeremy Higgins, Jack DeGrave
Second row (L to R): Julien Yang, Jeannine Szczech, Miguel Caban, Stephen Lee, Rachel Selinsky
Back row (L to R): Jae Hyo Han, Davin Chernak, Cory Nelson, Anndy Schmitt, Steve Morin, Song Jin

Jin Group 2007

Front row (L to R): Albert Lau, Julien Yang, Rachel Selinsky
Back row (L to R): Harry, Song Jin, Jeremy Higgins, Cory Nelson, Andy Schmitt, Jeannine Szczech, Hansen, Steve Morin, Matt Bierman

Jin Group 2006

Front row (L to R): Albert Lau, Jeannine Szczech, Pinray Huang, Matt Bierman, Rachel Selinsky, Song Jin
Back row (L to R): Yipu Song, Fairland Amos, Andy Schmitt, Jeremy Higgins, Steve Morin

Jin Group 2005
Front row (L to R): Jeremy Higgins, Pinray Huang, Hansen
Back row (L to R): Fairland Amos, Andy Schmitt, Steve Morin, Matt Bierman, Jeannine Szczech, Song Jin, Lei Zhu

Jin Group 2004

(L to R): Pinray Huang, Andy Schmitt, Matt Bierman, Song Jin



Summer Pool Party at Song's house

Group Camping Trip to Potawatomi State Park



Winter Party

Group Camping Trip to Black River State Forest

Steve's wedding party

MRS 2008 spring meeting awards and sightseeing in San Francisco



Winter Party at Song's house

Andy's wedding

Group Camping Trip to Flambeau River State Forest, WI

Summer Pool Party at Song's house



Winter Party at Song's house

Group Camping Trip to Kettle Morraine North and Kohler-Andrae State Parks, WI

Summer Pool Party at Song's house



Winter Party at Song's house

Group Camping Trip to Peninsula State Park, WI


General Interest

Campus clean room and instrument facilities in WCAM and MSE