The Group

Current Group Members

Graduate Students

Yuzhou Zhao

Nitish Mathur

Yuzhou works on 2D transition metal chalcogenides materials. Nitish works on Magnetic Skyrmions Project.

Matthew Hautzinger

Dongxu Pan

Matt works on the synthesis and characterization of novel materials for photovoltaic applications. Dongxu works on the synthesis and application of perovskite materials.

Hongyuan Sheng

Tim Tiambeng

Hongyuan works on earth-abundant electrocatalysts for the electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide and other high-value chemicals.  

Natalia Spitha


David Roberts

Natalia is a joint student with the Wright group, studying the excited-state dynamics of perovskites through photoluminescence and multidimensional spectroscopy.


Chris Roy

Dominic Ross

Chris works jointly with the Wright Group to study and control the electronic properties of perovskite materials.

Dominic works on the synthesis and characterization of non-precious metal electrocatalysts.

Katelyn Michael

Willa Mihalyi-Koch


Emily Reasoner

Rui Wang


Wenjie Li

Hui-Chun Fu

Wenjie works on materials for energy conversion and storage.  


Visiting Graduate Students

Ming-Yu Kuo

Jing Li

Ming-Yu focuses on perovskite project. Jing cooperates with Wright group on the perovskite spectral study.

Jinzhen Huang

Huawei Liu

Jinzhen's research is focused on developing nanocomposite for electrocatalytic reaction.

Huawei works on 2D transition metal dichalcogenides.

Visiting Scholars

Fengmei Wang

Tianqi Guo

My major research interests include synthesis and development of novel 2D materials, such as transition metal chalcogenides, meal phosphorous trichalcogenides, etc., for electrocatalysis or photocatalysis. Tianqi focuses on electrocatalysis.

Yuliang Yuan

Yuliang focuses on electrochemical energy storage and electrochemical catalysis.  

Undergraduate Students

Atilla Veyssal

Daniel Kim

Atilla is a double major, studying Materials Science and Engineering and Chemistry  




Former group members


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