The Group

Current group members

Graduate Students

Kyle Czech

Lianna Dang

Kyle studies the relation between physical and electronic structures of nanomaterials. Lianna works on screw dislocation-driven nanostructured material growth.

Wenjie Li

Yuzhou Zhao

Wenjie works on materials for energy conversion and storage. Yuzhou works on 2D transition metal chalcogenides Materials.

Nitish Mathur

Matthew Hautzinger

Nitish works on Magnetic Skyrmions Project. Matt works on the synthesis and characterization of novel materials for photovoltaic applications.

Dongxu Pan

Hongyuan Sheng

Dongxu works on the synthesis and application of perovskite materials. Hongyuan is working on LDHs for electrocatalytic water splitting.

Tim Tiambeng


Natalia Spitha

Tim is a joint student with the Ge group working on the nanoproteomics project.

Natalia is a joint student with the Wright group, studying the excited-state dynamics of perovskites through photoluminescence and multidimensional spectroscopy.

David Roberts


David is  a joint student with the Ge group working on the nanoproteomics project.



Visiting Graduate Students

Meiying Leng

Ming-Yu Kuo

Meiying focuses on lead-free perovskite nanomaterials for optical applications. Ming-Yu focuses on perovskite project.





Visiting Scholars

Ying Yang


Ying works on the eletrochemical synthesis of thin film materials for solar energy conversion and storage.  

Undergraduate Students

Atilla Veyssal


Atilla is a double major, studying Materials Science and Engineering and Chemistry  


Former group members


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