Former Graduate Students

PhD Graduates!!


Dongxu Pan


Dongxu worked on the synthesis and application of perovskite materials.

He is now a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. 


Hongyuan Sheng

Tim Tiambeng

Hongyuan worked on earth-abundant electrocatalysts for the electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide and other high-value chemicals. Tim was a joint student with the Ge group working on the nanoproteomics project.

Natalia Spitha

Matthew Hautzinger

Natalia was a joint student with the Wright group, studying the excited-state dynamics of perovskites through photoluminescence and multidimensional spectroscopy. Matt worked on the synthesis and characterization of novel materials for photovoltaic applications.

Yuzhou Zhao

Nitish Mathur

Yuzhou worked on 2D transition metal chalcogenides materials. Nitish worked on Magnetic Skyrmions Project.

Wenjie Li

Lianna Dang

Wenjie worked on materials for energy conversion and storage.

Lianna worked on screw dislocation-driven nanostructured material growth. She is now a Process Engineer at Intel. 

Lichen Xiu

Yongping Fu

Lichen worked on the synthesis and applications of porous materials.

He started his career as a researcher at PPD

Yongping worked on the metal halide perovskite materials.

Yongping is now an Assistant Professor at Peking University.  

Matthew Stolt

Melinda Shearer

Matt worked on magnetic skyrmions in confined systems

He started his career as a researcher at Intel

Melinda worked on solar cell projects.

She started her career as a researcher at PPG

Leith Samad

Qi Ding

Leith worked on pyrite heterostructures for photovoltaic applications.

Leith is now a lecturer at UW-Madison

Qi worked on the synthesis of heterostructures of colloidal nanocrystals on semiconductor and its application in HER.

Qi started her career as a researcher at PPG

Audrey Forticaux

Linsen (Nelson) Li

Audrey's project dealt with hard inorganic nanomaterial architectures.

Audrey started her career as a researcher at 3M. Along with research, she is very interested in pursuing the artistic side of science and nanoscience.

Linsen studied iron based nanomaterials for Li batteries applications.

Linsen started a Post-Doc at MIT.

Miguel Cabán-Acevedo

Ankit Pokhrel  

Miguel worked on pyrite nanomaterials properties for solar energy conversion.

Miguel has moved on to a Post-Doc with the Nate Lewis group at Cal-Tech.

Ankit worked with bulk nanostructured HMS for thermoelectrics.

Ankit has begun to work as a researcher for Advanced Materials.

Matthew Faber

Fei Meng

Matt's project investigated low-cost alternative materials for photovoltaic applications

Matt is now working at PPG Industries in Pittsburgh, PA.

Fei's project focused on the dislocation driven growth of nanowires

Fei is now working for ChemEOR in Covina, CA.

John (Jack) DeGrave

Mark Lukowski

Jack focused on transition metal silicide nanowires for spintronics.

Jack is now working for Advanced Research Systems, Inc. in PA.

Mark studied MoS2 and other MX2 nanosheets for photocatalysis.

Mark is now working for 3M in St Paul, MN.


Rachel Selinsky

Steve Morin

Rachel synthesized nanocrystals for device applications and fundamental study. Rachel is currently teaching.

Steve developed bottom up synthesis and assembly strategies for functional nanomaterials. Steve is now Assitant Professor at the University of Lincoln - Nebraska after a postdoc in Harvard for George Whitesides.

Matt Bierman

Jeremy Higgins

Matt studied the dislocation-driven growth of nanowires by VLS and validated the Elsheby twist theory.

Matt is now working for DOW in Texas after a postdoc at Caltech for Nate Lewis.

Jeremy worked on nanowires growth in CVD and metal silicide for thermoelectrics applications.

Jeremy is now working for 3M in Saint Paul, MN.

Andy Schmitt

Jeannine Szczech

Andy's PhD involved the synthesis of various nanowires with the CVD set up.

Andy was a postodc in the Mahesh group and is now working for Brady Corporation in Milwaukee!

Jeannine focused on the synthesis of metal silicides nanostructures for thermoelectrics applications.

Jeannine is now teaching analytical sciences at UW!


Graduate Students


Erika Jackson


Kayla Lloyd

Kyle Czech

Stephanie Werner

Brandon Lamb

Matthew Haveman

Joseph Thomas

Salih Hacialioglu (MSc)

Nick Kaiser

Chris Sichmeller (MSc)

Albert Lau (MSc)

Chris is curently working for BASF.  


Pinray Huang (MSc)


Lei Zhu (PhD in other group)